The Cobbler’s Kids Get Some Shoes!

You know how it goes, it’s the cobblers kids who are running around in the streets with no shoes on their feet because he’s too danged busy making shoes for all the customers. It’s a common problem among vendors who do exceptional work! We’ve been in this position for so long that our old website simply didn’t reflect who we are today. It said we did stuff with don’t do anymore and it didn’t mention one thing about some of the really cool things we are doing now!

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Well, enough is enough! We decided it was actually better to just pull that old, stale website down and put up an incomplete WordPress site that at least said we do Online Marketing! To be honest, it felt a little weird to do it, but it was the right thing to do because now it’s forcing us to “git ‘er done” so to speak.

We hope you’ll come back soon and see how the site is progressing. And, if you want to try to slow us down by bringing your project to us, by all means, do so! Just give us a ring and we’ll be happy to put our site on hold to accommodate you!

Happy Online Marketing!

The G2web Team