How I Got Housewright Fence and AutoZoom as a Client!


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It all started with a post on Facebook. Monica Housewright posted on her profile that she was looking for an online marketing person who does SEO. A friend of mine Les Yates (a fellow boater and sailor, also guest on our sailboat  had just retired from working at American Airlines and was starting a new business. He was working on his own SEO for his new charter sailing business and had asked me questions about what I do and how. He tagged me, Jennifer Glanton, and comment that she should contact me. Monica called me and she hired me right then after a lengthy conversation!

Monica and Jay Housewrite own and operate two businesses and in Grapevine. Please help us support HousewrightFence and use their services for fences, deck and arbors.

After working with Monica for several months, she started referring other businesses to me. The first person she referred to me was her husband’s step father Scott Carlson. She told Scott about us and after an initial phone interview, he hired me to help with his visibility building and SEO.

Scott Carlson is a serial entrepreneur who has an extensive accomplished background in the used-car financing industry which began more than five decades ago. He is also the founder of AutoZoom, a risk management SaaS company that helps auto dealers to better manage risk and minimize repossessions. Jointly, Scott and his family’s BHPH dealerships, Mike Carlson Motor Company have originated in excess of 200,000 used-car financings with sub-standard credit buyers.

AutoZoom’s founder, co-founders, partners and associates have extensive operational backgrounds associated with independent BHPH lots, sub-prime lending and the development of dealership management systems software dating back to 1969.

Whether you are in the BHPH industry or not, I highly recommend reading his book Stalwart Lot Rat

I read this book and was amazed at the rags to riches of sorts that Scott achieved through his patience and hard work.

We have really enjoyed working with both companies and hope it remains a long time relationship!