Sailing Through Life!

The process of navigating the journeys of our lives is often symbolized by sailing on a stormy sea as the wind and the waves whip around us. Just as the wind can be either an obstacle or a support based on a sailor’s skill, so can our circumstances either hinder or help us depending on how we choose to view and respond to them.

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I have often wondered if I had sailed with all this in mind would I be better off? I am about to be 55 and have done so much in my lifetime! I have sailed on the ocean, traveled to different countries, mother of two wonderful children, married for over 25 years, taught many children as a teacher for 4 years, well educated with a master’s degree in education, manage several tennis groups, manage many websites and still have friends from my childhood. Oh and the lead female singer in a band called the eMpTyVs.

When I blog about my accomplishments I realize I have done so much! But I am not done. More to learn and more to accomplish. I am going to be someone’s mother in law and grandmother someday! I am truly blessed!