Welcome Lee and Stone, Law Firm for the Investment Community and Large Family Office

G2web is pleased and honored to engage with Dallas, Texas law firm, Lee and Stone.

We welcome Lee and Stone to our G2web networking and supportive group of colleagues.  As always, we encourage our colleagues and list of clients to support each other by sharing, connecting and networking.  G2web is in the business of keeping other businesses successful, especially in our local DFW Texas economy.

Lee and Stone LLP engages with primarily the successful investment advisers management and large family offices.  Please visit their website, www.leeandstone.com, for more details and follow their company on Linkedin to help increase visibility.

Speaking of networking and sharing…….. if you, a colleague, client, friend or family member is in the need for certain trusted services or products such as:

Janitorial Services
Concrete Flooring and Floor Installation
Commercial Lawn Care
Auto Body Repair and services
Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer
Dallas DWI Lawyer
Health and Wellness Center
Dallas Non Profit providing Art Therapy via Digital Artbooks
Jazz Entertainer
Texas Blues Music
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Screen Printing on glass, plastics and other containers
Autism Books and Educational Resources
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Please keep our list of trusted services and products in mind……. support our Texas businesses, non profits and products!!


New online marketing project, Topcat Records, Support a Texas business

G2web is big on supporting our Texas based businesses, especially when it comes to Texas Blues music.

Our newest addition to our G2web networking party and online marketing projects is www.topcatrecords.com.  Help us support and promote this Home of the Texas Blues website by  liking their Facebook page,  www.facebook.com/topcatrecords and purchasing a Blues CD from their Texas Blues Music Catalog.

We will be providing monthly rank tracker reports that show high quality search terms that we will use to determine our next plan of action to increase organic rankings for certain niche keywords.  The rank tracker report acts as a “report card” for the website.  Our goal is to increase the rankings gradually so that we stay within the “SEO rules” for Google and other important search engines.  The monthly web updates we make, help to add to the rankings each month which also aids the online visibility.  We also provide back link reports so we can make sure that back links and traffic sources are maintaining & slightly increasing each month.  Maintaining organic rankings is very important and without certain key activities each month, your site will slowly drop from the SE’s as other competing websites take over for your niche search terms.  As we increase in organic rankings, we will keep our client and others in the blog loop so that anyone searching for the right virtual assistant or online marketing specialist, can see the progress for a client like www.topcatrecords.com as an example.

Other activities will include getting back links for the client that will increase the traffic and popularity.  We have a list of places (other websites) where we list our website’s URL to help increase the web traffic, thus showing up in the top traffic senders report. These reports show us which top traffic senders need the most TLC so we can optimize and focus on those the most.  Watching how back links work for various clients, give us an edge and in many cases, we realize new back links a long the way as we check on competing website’s traffic senders or back links.  It is a game that we LIKE to win!!

Our perfect client is a business owner that knows how this all works, but doesn’t have the time or desire to make monthly web updates, mini blog, blog, or add back links each month.  We understand that there are a lot of “do it yourself SEO” business owners but there is something to be said about hiring someone that works with a group of online marketing projects that can add to your ongoing networking and support groups.  Two heads are better than one and if you are looking for someone to consult and help support your website, then contact us today!!  We are currently accepting a few new clients that are not competitors to our current client base.  For example, we can not take on another company that provides Blues Cds & Muddy Waters Dvds, Roofing, Health and Wellness or Mattress Sets.


What are your top ten reasons for blogging?

The other day a G2web client, Forrest Ward of www.ussuccesscenter.com, asked us, “Why don’t I see G2web blogging?” That is a good question…… and the answer is quite simple, “We don’t have time!” 

Of course, we just thought we didn’t have the time, but the reality was that we were: 1. too scared, 2. intimidated, 3. too worried what others might think of our writing, 4. we might misprint information, 5. give away too many secrets to our competitors, 6. write something that might hurt our reputation, 7. it would be a waste of time, “no one would actually read OUR blogs”, 8. seriously wondering when we would find the time, 9. didn’t think it was the right time to start marketing ourselves this way, 10. and lastly, because we didn’t think it was THAT important to blog compared to the other things you can do to promote your business.

It is amazing how often we search for the evidence of why we shouldn’t do something because we are afraid of the unknown. The first step is recognizing the real reasons why we aren’t doing something and then come up with the reasons why you should.  We say that if you can come up with your own top ten reasons why you should then DO IT!

Okay, so here it goes….. our top ten reasons why we should be blogging each week:

1.  Blogging helps support & promote our DFW, Texas small businesses, trusted clients such as www.narylawfirm.com (who needs to find new clients each month, otherwise, he’ll go out of business due to the young high volume Dallas bankruptcy lawyers), www.cleanyoucansee.com, www.5starfloorcare.com, www.ecoshieldroofing.com (our newest roofing and construction client that really needs to start gaining online visibility fast), www.ntxphotobooth.com (awesome for corporate events & wedding entertainment in the Dallas, DFW areas), and many others on our premium online marketing program.

2.  Others are blogging why shouldn’t we. Over the years we have read articles and blogs about various subjects & I am shocked at some of the things that individuals or small businesses will blog about. It has been mentioned in articles that a blogger should only write at a 9th grade reading level, however, we have noticed that there are blogs out there that seem geared to the much more educated. The point is that if blogs ranging from silly topics to snooze fest because it is too hard to follow are being written….. then why can’t G2web take the time to blog too! Who knows, we might start to be pretty interesting too.

3.  Sharing knowledge can help “the do it yourselfers.” There are a lot of online marketing companies that spend the time sharing their knowledge & techniques little bits at a time. Some competitors might say as quoted on Saturday Night Live, “Don’t give away your pie it makes you look cheap!”, said by guest star Alex Baldwin. That’s great keep your secrets, but we like to think that helping others, whether SEO & Social Media do it your self type or a competitor looking for new ideas, we are given the chance to pay some of what we’ve learned over the years of research & study, forward. We are “in it to win it”, but have the confidence to be a good sport as well.

4. Researching to blog about certain subjects improves your game. When one blogs, one must do some research first. It is amazing the things you can “Google” and learn about in the areas of SEO, online marketing, blogging, web design etc…… For example, even to write this blog some research had to happen. The phrase “top ten reasons to blog” was searched & lots of interesting facts were learned a long the way. We didn’t want to repeat what was out there & come up with our own words and be creative in our thoughts so in order to be original, we needed to know what are some of the things already written. Reading other blogs, makes you a better blogger!!

5. Blogging can be a form of therapy or thinking out loud. Someone can blog about their personal experiences in the hopes that their share will touch another and possibly save a life or improve a person’s existence.  There are articles and mini blogs written by Temple Grandin that has definitely touched and moved those with autism to the point that it saved lives. Others with autism would comment on the Dr.’s blogs telling the Dr. thank you for saving their life.

6. Blogging is a great way to show off your work. In other words, tell others about your business to build a level of trust.  You can tell a great deal about a person or business by reading their blogs. Do they seem like they did their research and home work?  Are they professional enough to handle your project, yet patient enough to work with you and your needs?  Do they seem friendly or treat you like a number & just out to make money? Are they creative and would that carry over into their online marketing. Sure, the money is great, but do they love their job and would do it for free if they could.  Lots of things to consider here.

7. The pros out weigh the cons. There are so many reasons why you or your company should blog that it doesn’t make sense to NOT blog. Hate to blog?? Or be on your computer?? There is great news for those who hate to blog, social media, online marketing, internet and computers ….. hire someone to do it for you. That is what our clients did. We do like to blog, so let someone with that kind of passion do it for you.

8. The search engines LIKE it. The great thing about a blog is that back links can be introduced, meta page titles created, tags and you have full analytics as opposed to Facebook and Twitter.  Which, btw, if you read down this far, please go LIKE our FB page www.facebook.com/g2web we help promote and support our local DFW, Texas businesses. We LIKE to keep our Texas state strong.

9. Discovering the “didn’t know I didn’t know.” There are things you know you don’t know, such as we know we don’t know Russian but what about the things you don’t know you don’t know yet. If you think about it too long….. it probably doesn’t always make sense, so it is best to be self aware, look for ways to improve, don’t be afraid to face the unknowns and learn something new along the way. Having an open mind can be gold in the blogging world.

10. Blogging can provide feed back. We need a gauge or a way of knowing we are going in the right direction. If you blog with your comments on, it helps others to leave their thoughts and help teach a thing or two.  We are pretty sure this blog has mistakes along the way. We don’t claim to be perfect spelling and grammar robots……. we are very human & we are “big” enough to mention it. It is in our hopes that “stupid spammers” stay away and don’t try to leave URL back links, but hey, that’s what the “trash it” and “spam it” links are for.  We want to hear your top reason for blogging and what has been your excuse for not blogging. If you have no excuse and are already an extraordinary blogger, then please leave your URL so we can go check it out.

These are our top reasons to blog… what are yours? Are you stuck and don’t know where to start? We suggest starting with your reasons you haven’t been blogging (your excuses) and then come up with, in your own words, how your business would benefit if you blogged more often. Tell us how often you are going to blog and let us know each time you do. Let G2web be your accountability partner, we will read your blogs and make comments.


The Cobbler’s Kids Get Some Shoes!

You know how it goes, it’s the cobblers kids who are running around in the streets with no shoes on their feet because he’s too danged busy making shoes for all the customers. It’s a common problem among vendors who do exceptional work! We’ve been in this position for so long that our old website simply didn’t reflect who we are today. It said we did stuff with don’t do anymore and it didn’t mention one thing about some of the really cool things we are doing now!

Well, enough is enough! We decided it was actually better to just pull that old, stale website down and put up an incomplete WordPress site that at least said we do Online Marketing! To be honest, it felt a little weird to do it, but it was the right thing to do because now it’s forcing us to “git ‘er done” so to speak.

We hope you’ll come back soon and see how the site is progressing. And, if you want to try to slow us down by bringing your project to us, by all means, do so! Just give us a ring and we’ll be happy to put our site on hold to accommodate you!

Happy Online Marketing!

The G2web Team