Happy birthday to those born on 2/29!

Who has a birthday 🥳 today 2/29 on this rare 5th Thursday in February ???

Happy 😊 birthday 🎂 to you!

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And so we create our own sunshine ☀️ and do what makes us happy 😊

And so we create our own sunshine ☀️ and do what makes us happy 😊

We have our creative side and our need to create something great!

I enjoy singing in the @emptyvs_band and truly blessed 🥹 to get to do this on my birthday 🥳 with our fam band. Someone said to me yesterday “aren’t you too old to be doing this” wtf 😬 NO!

If I could I would do it full time but sigh 😔 I have a company to keep in business!

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Taking yourself seriously!

For those who have the day off…. Yay 😁 you! I saw this historic fact about our first president and found it interesting. And since I was looking for something about president’s day, I figured what the heck.

I also saw this quote from Betty White and it got me thinking 🤔 about all the people who made a positive impact on this world without being president.

Remember that good people!! Please no political negativity on my post. I am tired 🥱