Success is a good thing!

I love ❤️ being successful for my clients listed on

Here are a few…..

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eMpTyVs gig in Lewisville TX and Biz Networking!

G2web would not have the clients we have today if it weren’t for music!

Let me explain…… Michael Glanton has been a musician since he was 15! He has been in over 10 bands and has met many other musicians who had day jobs or owned businesses. Of course we network at our gigs and make sure you know what we do for a living!

My job is to make us popular so that I can make others popular, including my clients. I am in the business of making others successful!

Super excited 😊 about this gig at @chillbarlewisville (find on instagram) 2/16. @emptyvs_band has been our side project for several years and we have been wanting to play at Chill for quite sometime! Very excited!

@glantonm @emptyvs_band and I (aka Jenny May) are looking forward to networking and meeting new people at our show 2/16! Please 🙏 join us.

We also have other hobbies like sailing and tennis that have been key to getting several of our other clients.

Please visit and give me a call 214-766-0266 about each and every one of them. I have an extremely unique experience and story to tell!

I am currently looking for new clients! I have room for three new ones. I especially enjoy working with nonprofits and charities. My prices are very reasonable and I have a great deal of experience working with nonprofit organizations! Any and all referrals are welcome.


I am all right!

What ever you do…. BE a good 😊 person and have a good sense of humor!

The other day a friend and band mate told me that he liked my personality and that I am “all right” 👍 Whew 😥 good to know! Seriously 😳


My beautiful daughter!

Today is my precious daughter’s 22nd birthday 🥳! She is one of my most favorite 😍 pride and joy 🤩
I can’t believe we made this beautiful person. She is beautiful, smart and talented.

In the third grade she wrote that she wants to become a scientist. She is fulfilling her dreams and has become a scientist! I am so proud of her. She graduates in 2024 May from OU with very high honors!! Super proud momma, father, brother, papa, Jama, aunt daddy and all the friends of mine that knows this incredible woman!


Sailing Through Life!

The process of navigating the journeys of our lives is often symbolized by sailing on a stormy sea as the wind and the waves whip around us. Just as the wind can be either an obstacle or a support based on a sailor’s skill, so can our circumstances either hinder or help us depending on how we choose to view and respond to them.

I have often wondered if I had sailed with all this in mind would I be better off? I am about to be 55 and have done so much in my lifetime! I have sailed on the ocean, traveled to different countries, mother of two wonderful children, married for over 25 years, taught many children as a teacher for 4 years, well educated with a master’s degree in education, manage several tennis groups, manage many websites and still have friends from my childhood. Oh and the lead female singer in a band called the eMpTyVs.

When I blog about my accomplishments I realize I have done so much! But I am not done. More to learn and more to accomplish. I am going to be someone’s mother in law and grandmother someday! I am truly blessed!