New online marketing project, Topcat Records, Support a Texas business

G2web is big on supporting our Texas based businesses, especially when it comes to Texas Blues music.

Our newest addition to our G2web networking party and online marketing projects is  Help us support and promote this Home of the Texas Blues website by  liking their Facebook page, and purchasing a Blues CD from their Texas Blues Music Catalog.

We will be providing monthly rank tracker reports that show high quality search terms that we will use to determine our next plan of action to increase organic rankings for certain niche keywords.  The rank tracker report acts as a “report card” for the website.  Our goal is to increase the rankings gradually so that we stay within the “SEO rules” for Google and other important search engines.  The monthly web updates we make, help to add to the rankings each month which also aids the online visibility.  We also provide back link reports so we can make sure that back links and traffic sources are maintaining & slightly increasing each month.  Maintaining organic rankings is very important and without certain key activities each month, your site will slowly drop from the SE’s as other competing websites take over for your niche search terms.  As we increase in organic rankings, we will keep our client and others in the blog loop so that anyone searching for the right virtual assistant or online marketing specialist, can see the progress for a client like as an example.

Other activities will include getting back links for the client that will increase the traffic and popularity.  We have a list of places (other websites) where we list our website’s URL to help increase the web traffic, thus showing up in the top traffic senders report. These reports show us which top traffic senders need the most TLC so we can optimize and focus on those the most.  Watching how back links work for various clients, give us an edge and in many cases, we realize new back links a long the way as we check on competing website’s traffic senders or back links.  It is a game that we LIKE to win!!

Our perfect client is a business owner that knows how this all works, but doesn’t have the time or desire to make monthly web updates, mini blog, blog, or add back links each month.  We understand that there are a lot of “do it yourself SEO” business owners but there is something to be said about hiring someone that works with a group of online marketing projects that can add to your ongoing networking and support groups.  Two heads are better than one and if you are looking for someone to consult and help support your website, then contact us today!!  We are currently accepting a few new clients that are not competitors to our current client base.  For example, we can not take on another company that provides Blues Cds & Muddy Waters Dvds, Roofing, Health and Wellness or Mattress Sets.