idex_03We support many of our local businesses here in the north Texas areas, including a few tennis related websites.

Please see for a list of the local companies & Dallas non profit that we recommend and  help support.” ~ Jennifer Glanton

Besides online marketing, my other passion is TENNIS! Listed below is a list of helpful links, websites and services that might come in handy if you are looking for: tennis tips, tennis pros, tennis stringing, tennis equipment, tennis teams, open tennis drills, sports massage therapy, and sports chiropractors.

Chiropractic Office (great for tennis players)

Health Source of Highland Village ~ Dr. Nikki Thornton and Dr. Kyle Defreitas

Massage Therapy

Brandi Reich – massage therapist in the offices of Health Source of Highland Village

Gina McIntire (TCD, NET Tennis Player) –

Head Coach David Gray’s Tennis Websites:

Highland Shores & Highland Village Tennis

Lantana Tennis

Frisco Tennis School

Tennis Pros – For a list of pros and contact info please contact head pro David Gray or Chris Brown.

Director Frank Ford’s Tennis Websites:

Flower Mound Tennis

Equipment & Strings

Tennis Tips – See comments below for new tips by Frank. New tips are also given each week via email. Contact Frank Ford to get on this email blast!

Tennis Pros



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  1. admin says:

    Tennis Tip – Stretching & Fetching – Rick Macci

    One of my favorite USPTA Tennis Professionals in this industry is Master Pro, Rick Macci. In this VIDEO (Stretching & Fetching) Rick talks about reading your opponent’s balance & body language to help become better prepared to get a jump start on the weak reply. Like Rick states in the video – when you hit a strong passing shot & your opponent is ‘stretching’ for the ball – this is your cue to anticipate a weak reply & go ‘fetching’ for the short ball.

    Too many times I have seen players hit an offensive shot only to simply stand there & allow the opponent off the hook. Next time you hit an offensive shot – anticipate the weak reply & move in for another offensive shot. Go get ’em!!

    Remember to visit to see more Tennis Tips.

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